Side wooden table prices and designs

with the increase in usage of different types of sofa and couches, side tables in wooden, steel, and glassy, types and their diverse designs and prices, have become very popular in the global market because they are one of the main decoration kinds of stuff in the modern world.

But What kind of tables are called side tables?

Tables that are placed in the reception hall next to the royal, classic, and comfortable sofas, also have different dimensions, designs, and materials, but are usually chosen in such a way that is in harmony with the main furniture in terms of color and material.

What are the unique features of this side furniture?

The most important of them is the proportion of their height with the furniture you sit on because the purpose of using this style of table is to access the tools and equipment you need as quickly and easily as possible, when you sit on the sofa.

So the height of the side table should be like each other to be able to access your equipment in complete comfort. its exact principles are: the front desks of the furniture should be five centimeters higher than the side sofa, which makes it easier to access and the importance of this feature in There are more parties because you will put all the snacks for the guests on these tables.

Side table design

Due to the great variety of furniture, there will certainly be a lot of variation in the side tables because the two are made accordingly. The variety of this style of furniture is not only related to the difference in raw materials but also the type of design in which they are designed. Let’s examine the general and best-selling types of side table designs together.

  • Traditional side tables: These tables are suitable for old and classic style houses and their final price is more expensive due to the luxurious wood which is the most important element in this type and inlay used in them, also in their final combination with their classic and royal furniture, finally, you will have a luxurious and special environment.
  • Modern side tables: One of their important features is their simple and orderly design, and of course one of its special raw materials which make this so different from other types, but what would it be? yes, you guessed it, metal!! Metal is a symbol of modernity which is professionally used in these tables and gives them a beautiful and at the same time simple and minimal form.
  • Rustic side tables: a combination of wood and metal with natural abrasion as a sign of nature, this is what makes this style different, metal bases and wooden tables made of high-quality material, this model has been popular and used all over the world from ancient times until today. This style has never been It does not get old and is always popular and in high demand.

What is the most popular side table shape? As you know, these tables are produced in different shapes such as circles, rectangles, squares, semicircles, etc., and its choice is entirely up to you, exactly what space you have and what your taste says, the most important thing is to Do not choose a small space for a large table, and vice versa, and of course the harmony between the color and material of the sofa and table is also very important.

Side table design

Side tables with drawers

Many people believe that the use of side tables should not be just for beauty and filling the space next to the sofas, which is true, but can we expect a simple table with normal dimensions of high performance? Of course, one of the solutions is to add drawers to tables.

According to the type of furniture that you use, you can add some elements such as handles which are according to the type of your sofa. For example, if you choose to use modern or simple sofas you can have gold or gray handles on your side table to make your furniture as elegant as possible.

Side tables with drawers

Wooden side table

It can be said that wooden tables have been used for humans since ancient times, and over time, design, color, and other materials have been added to them, and now we see a wide and varied range of wooden side tables. If we leave aside the various models and new designs in the table of these tables, we can talk about the type of wood that is in these tables.

Woods are divided into two general categories, natural and industrial. Natural woods, as their name implies, are obtained from trees, but industrial woods are derived from appendages of other woods and combined with chemical materials and using Heat.

  • Walnut wood: Beauty with small and eye-catching textures, semi-heavy and resistant to pressure and high durability is a prominent feature of this wood that if used to make wooden side tables, you will have all these capabilities.
  • Maple wood: The salient features of this wood can be mentioned as being hard and brittle, light, and its white color is slightly is suitable to use on tables especially if you are looking for delicate wood cravings.
  • Alder wood: This wood turns light pink after cutting and is very beautiful, it is a soft wood that weighs from about semi-heavy to light.
  • Balsa wood: It is the lightest commercial wood that is completely formable and beautiful, its color tonnage is from white to light yellow and brown.
  • Cedarwood: It is very light and soft, its color is reddish-brown, it is easy to work on and its anise color is widely used in the interior covering of buildings.

Wooden side table

Regardless of what kind of wood material you have in mind, you should also consider how to make it, because sometimes a good wood with non-professional lathes may destroy your final product, or vice versa, depending on the manufacturer. Good and experienced ones are as important as good materials, we are proud to connect you to the best of them, so join us.

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