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Arkiyan, is the leading company in the field of supplying wholesale sofas. We serve a good number of buyers and suppliers around the world. Our company is structured to be one of the major companies supplying and exporting High-quality types of sofas in large quantities. We are committed to providing authentic, fast and innovative services, in an effort to move up the business ladder successfully and more importantly, flourish in the field of supplying sofas. Last but not least, we are flexible on any terms you want, offering best-in-class product in any large amount according to your desire.

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Comfortable furniture

A sofa is a type of furniture that can relieve daily fatigue by sitting and leaning on it and achieve a sense of peace. These types of sofas are made in two types, semi-comfortable and fully comfortable.

Fully comfortable furniture has a personal aspect and its appearance is such that it is mostly used for relaxation. Semi-comfortable sofas are somewhat formal and in addition to personal use, they are also suitable for entertaining guests.

Royal Furniture

As its name suggests, this type of furniture has a royal look and suits the taste of people who follow a royal style of life. These sofas have handles and bases that are diverse and full of patterns, which are done by hand art.
The frame of this furniture is mostly golden and beige. These shiny and attractive colors give a unique beauty to these sofas. The use of decorative items next to royal furniture makes this furniture look more stylish. This model is also known as an example of luxury furniture.

L-shaped furniture

Nowadays, due to the small space of houses, L-shaped sofas are used around the living room space. These sofas are made based on the desired space, and its advantages include creating more space for people to sit, separating the living space from other spaces, and coordinating with the interior decoration of small houses.
This model is an example of modern furniture. If you are thinking of choosing a furniture model for a small apartment, we recommend buying L-shaped furniture.

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